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Exclusive private villas or resort villas for rent? This is about how to market your prestigious villas most effectively.

A few Excellent reasons to join our website:


Being the leading marketing organisation for the world's finest private villas and villas in resorts.




Exclusive and of high standard

The Excellent Villas website, as our name suggests, is designed to put top end clients in direct contact with the most prestigious and excellent villa providers in the world. We offer private villa rental companies, top resorts, estate agents and any other type of reliable villa distributing organization a unique chance to promote and rent their properties to a worldwide audience of affluent travellers.

A one stop portfolio
Our major goal is to offer our discerning clients around the world the most broadly based portfolio of the world's finest rental villas, offering the utmost in privacy and style. Excellent Villas is the first company that gives its clients a complete overview of both privately owned villas as well as villas that are located in the world's most spectacular hotels and resorts.

By invitation only
ExcellentVillas operates according to a very selective 'by invitation only' procedure which means ExcellentVillas offers you and our clients a villa portfolio of the highest possible quality.

Standards thoroughly examined
Each villa available is thoroughly examined on its standards. Our staff will handpick only the finest and most unique villas to include in our portfolio. If you want (some of) your villas to be selected, please fill out the request form attached. Subsequently we will inspect your property and add it to our portfolio if approved.

Exclusive Mebership

By invitation only or thouroughly selected

Villa providers that are not invited do have the opportunity to send us an application. Once you have registered your name and contact details via our website or personally, we will thouroughly inspect your villas and decide whether your villas are up to our standards and if you will be selected as one of our exclusive members.

How to register

Before submitting your membership, you must register. Once registered, we will contact you to negociate the contract rates. When the contract procedure is finished you will be able to access your personal area at any time for submitting new properties and updating your web pages.

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